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About Josh Emerson

Josh proudly holds his real estate license in Wisconsin, to better serve his clients in the dynamic area that we live. He was born and raised in Western Wisconsin, more specifically, New Richmond and knows the St. Croix Valley area quite well. "I've always thought we have it really good here in the Midwest. I've traveled a fair amount in my life and upon my return home, I always find myself thinking that we live in such a special area, that which we call home. We truly get to enjoy the full extent of all four of the seasons the way they were meant to be enjoyed and life is prosperous and we're surrounded by great people with great knowledge, ambition and education. This geographical area is such a neat place when you think about the simple access to the metro we have, but don't have to live in a highly populated city to enjoy those benefits. With that said, there are plenty of places in this area that provide fantastic amenities without having to go to the metro, and there are plenty of places in this area that provide fantastic privacy and the up north feel. Whatever you're looking for, it's here," said Josh.

With his extensive knowledge of the Western Wisconsin area, Josh finds it a natural tendency of his to share everything he knows about the place you would like to call home, including all of the 'life hacks' to make things easier and simpler for you as you move! His professional and respectful demeanor make clients feel at ease during the daunting thought of purchasing or selling a home and he can show you that it truly isn't as scary as you might think! Josh can directly relate to his clients, being that he has been a buyer and seller of a home himself, so he's able to share first hand experiences with either side of a transaction and to talk you through the process.

When he's not working in real estate, you'll find him spending time with his family, golf, outdoor activities, racing, the Packers and Badgers, as well as vacationing.

His attention to detail is apparent in this modern age of real estate and he'll help you accomplish what you set out to do in the first place! And, yes, he does watch HGTV, and he's happy to share his thoughts and ideas he's learned along the way and can likely visualize that idea you have in your head that no one else seems to understand! He also has a great insight on New Construction and how it truly can be affordable and sometimes just fits for certain situations! Feel free to reach out to him at anytime! "My job is to put a smile on your face. If I've done that, believe me, I'm smiling too. I had a younger couple who had bought their first home and I was negotiating fiercely on their behalf to get a great deal on a home that they didn't think would be in their budget. I eventually was able to get the seller side to come to agreeable terms that fit my clients budget and when I made the phone call to inform them of the good news, they literally began crying tears of joy! That feeling right there is what life is all about," commented Josh.

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